Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sample Sunday: "Dead Links"

This week's sample is from my thriller, Dead Links.
The two of them headed for one of the exits leading out to the parking lot. Through the glass doors, she could see that the sun had fallen until only a very dim light reflected off the cars parked outside. As Bishop reached the doors, lights flickered on to cast a yellow sphere of light onto the sidewalk out front. The doors chimed softly and mumbled as they slid open from Bishop's approach. The clamor of the outside rushed in, along with the sound of a truck's engine growing louder.

Bishop reached the open doors, but stumbled as he came to a sudden halt in the doorway. He whirled around towards Amanda again. His sunglasses had come off at some point in the chase, and his swollen eyes turned on her as he yelled, "Run!"

A black truck hurtled out of the darkness of the parking lot towards the mall, roaring like a lion. It headed away from them, but then its tires shrieked as it spun to face the entrance. The truck's headlights burned like the eyes of a cat, and blinded Amanda as they aimed straight for her.

Amanda couldn't see through the red haze left in her eyes by the light, but felt Bishop's hands clutch hers and pull her away from the exit. Her sight cleared to see the doors slide open, but not quickly enough for the truck that plowed into them. The impact made the entire wall explode. Showers of glass burst out of the frames, dangled from the truck's front bumper, then tore loose to be crushed into mangled strips beneath the wheels.

Amanda's shoes skidded on the polished tile before friction caught and threw her forward. She chased after Bishop with the truck howling behind them.

As Amanda and Bishop ran into the more populated area of the mall, screams replaced laughter as people scrambled to avoid the vehicle thundering down the halls.

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 Dead Links
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Sample Sunday: "Dead Links"
Sample Sunday: "Dead Links"

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