Monday, December 2, 2013

Q&A: What Book Could Change History?

What if you could send a book back in time to change history? I thought it might be interesting to start doing questions like we've been doing at the Geek Twins. Here's the first one.

The Scenario
Imagine you're at the local library when a scientist approaches you. He explains that he can create a portal in time to send an object into the past. However, he can only send inanimate objects. He's decided that he wants to send a book back in time to change history. Which one do you choose?

The Ground Rules
  • You can send any book back in time. It must be a book that has already been written, not one in the future.
  • You can send the book to any point in the past.
  • You can put the book right into the hands of anyone in the past. The person is guaranteed to read it.
  • History can be changed by the book, but you'll remain the same person and have the same memories, so don't worry about paradoxes.
Let me know your answer in the comments.

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