Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sample Sunday: "Dead Links"

Welcome to Sample Sunday, where we authors give you a taste of our work. Here's another excerpt from my technothriller, Dead Links.

For the moment, Araknee's secrets took a back seat in Amanda's mind to an even greater mystery. "Are those Crane supercomputers?"

Isabelle squinted through the glass. "Yeah, I think that's what someone said."

Amanda continued to stare in awe through the window at the computers tangled within a web of green and red wiring. What she saw seemed as out of place as a nuclear bomb in a child's toy box.

Amanda whispered, "What're they doing running a website?"

The muted roar of the fans inside the computer room seemed louder than all the chatter and movement in the main floor as Isabelle shrugged. "Nothing special, really. They're hooked up to the servers. You know what servers are, right?"

"Sure. That's a computer that don't do nothing else but sit around and send people files, like waiters of the Internet." She turned her gaze back onto the supercomputers humming in the next room. "But any computer could run a server, even my desktop at home. Supercomputers do billions of complex mathematical calculations every second. The government uses 'em to design new weapons or for decrypting classified information. And Crane supercomputers are top o' the line, the best of the best, most powerful computers on Earth. And you got ten of 'em. No way a server's workload could be strong enough to need that kinda power."

If you'd like to read the rest of it, you can get the full novel at the Amazon US Kindle Store or Amazon UK Kindle Store.

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