Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sample Sunday: "Toons"

 Welcome to Sample Sunday, where we authors give you a taste of our work. Here's an excerpt from my comedy/adventure series, TOONS

The gorilla pointed a crooked finger. "The Apex Blimp from the Apex Corporation themselves. Flies that route every day at this time, just like clockwork."

"Oh, yes, it's very nice." Crafty Wolf tried to look interested.

"Ah, good ol' Apex. Why, I remember the days before Apex. In my day, you wanted a stick o' dynamite, you had to send away for it the old-fashioned way. By regular mail. And it cost you a pretty penny. Overnight shipping was the fastest we could get, too, and you were darned glad to have it. Nowadays, you kids with your free orders and instantaneous delivery don't know what you've got."

"Uh-huh." Crafty had lost interest, having heard the same speech from his grandmother on a weekly basis. He looked around for a street sign.

The gorilla persisted, poking Crafty with a gnarled finger. "Why, if it weren't for Apex, this city would grind to a halt. To a halt, I tell you. I certainly hope nothing happens to that company. Although that would make for a very entertaining crisis to build a story around--"

Crafty patted the gorilla on the head. "I'm sorry, I really need to get going. I have a job interview. Can you tell me where Moon River is?"

The gorilla squinted with his wrinkled eyes. "Moon River? Why, that's clear oughtta town. You'll need transportation. I'd take a cab."

"Thank you. Excuse me." Crafty hurried away.

The gorilla watched Crafty weave through the crowds. "Why, what an unlikely hero. Certainly an underdog, no one you would expect to become the last hope for all of us. And me, I feel like a secondary character who's served his purpose of exposition and disappears, never to be seen again."

The gorilla shuffled away.

You can read the first four parts of the TOONS series in Book 1 - Living in Looneyville.

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  1. Yes, when dynamite was shipped through the mail. And always from Acme.
    Good excerpt, Nigel!


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