Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sample Sunday: "Six Guns of Madness"

This week, I'll be featuring an excerpt from my scifi/Western/horror novella, Six Guns of Madness.

A cloud of dust came down the main street. Three horses burst out of the cloud, driven by men in black gear. As the three men came out of the cloud, Blaine could make out plates of metal wrapped around their chests, arms, and legs.

As they drew closer, Blaine saw the creatures the men rode only looked like horses in general appearance with their four legs and elongated heads. These creatures had dark green skin like frogs, and no hair on their necks or tails. The biggest change came from the heads, which had long snouts ending in clusters of tentacles instead of mouths. Blaine stepped off the sidewalk into the center of the street as the three horse-things pulled up in front of the saloon. He could see all the men wore backpacks connected by pipes around their bodies, and ending in guns on their holsters.

One of the men on the horse-things glared down at Blaine. "Where's Barnaby?"

Blaine hooked his thumbs on his belt. "Who's asking?"

"Vincent Darke, that's who. Darke gave Barnaby until noon today to give up the scroll. So either he brings us the scroll or we send him six feet under. Now where is he?"

Blaine glanced over his shoulder. He didn't have to check to know Tombstone and the Kid had taken their places by his side. "Can't rightly say. But if he's willin' to die instead of givin' up this scroll, I'm guessin' it must be pretty important for him to hang onto."

The men on the horse-things exchanged a look before reaching for the guns on their holsters.

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