Saturday, October 19, 2013

100-Word Sci-Fi: "Lost in Translation"

Every Saturday, I write a hundred-word story based on a random word. Today's word is "T-shirt."

Lost in Translation 
By Nigel G. Mitchell

Shirley Gibson looked down at her husband's T-shirt. "I don't think you should wear that. You don't even know what it says."

Tom Gibson rolled his eyes as they walked out of the gift shop. "It's not about what it says. The Apollonian language just looks cool."

A passing Apollonian did a double take at the lettering on Tom's T-shirt. Its fins flared, its skin turned red, and it squealed as it punched Tom in the face.

As Tom lay on the sidewalk, nursing his jaw, Shirley leaned over him and said, "I think you should ask for a refund."

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