Friday, April 5, 2013

Flash Friday: "Vanishing Point"

Every Friday, I'm going to start writing a 100-word story based on a random word. This week's word is "spirit."

Vanishing Point
by Nigel G. Mitchell

Stephanie and Grator huddled in the darkness of the dead space station, knowing they could not escape when the spirit struck.

"What if it's not ghosts?" Stephanie whispered. "What if these are beings that came through the portal? Beings from the fourth dimension? To them, our three dimensions are as easily manipulated as we would manipulate stick figures on a piece of paper."

Grator shook his head. "Then why are they doing this? What do they want?"

Stephanie took a deep breath before she whispered, "Us."

Stephanie jerked backwards and vanished, her scream fading away quickly in the thin air.

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