Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Release: "TOONS: Book 2 - In the Zone"

I'm proud to announce Book 2 of my TOONS series, "In the Zone." It takes our goofy heroes through the black-and-white world of the Monochrome Zone. In case you missed it, here's the summary:

In a world where cartoons are real, Crafty Wolf is kicked out of school for being a bad carnivore. Before he can find a true purpose for his life, that purpose finds him. The all-powerful Apex Corporation that provides everyone with equipment and weaponry has been taken over by a sinister executive. It's up to Crafty, his nihilistic roommate Bizzy Beaver, and a fast-talking elf named Lucky to stop him. Along the way, they'll enter a world of musicals, a land of fairy tales, a country of unbearable cuteness, and more. Get ready to experience a magical and hilarious adventure that will change the way you see cartoons forever. Fans of Roger Rabbit, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett will love this new series.

You can check out "In the Zone" at the US Kindle Store and UK Kindle Store. You can also read Book 1: "Living in Looneyland" or just the first part "Bad Toon Rising" for only 99-cents.
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