Friday, March 29, 2013

Flash Friday: "Moneyback Guarantee" [Short Story]

It's Flash Friday, where I present a quick scifi story. This week:

Moneyback Guarantee
By Nigel G. Mitchell

"I want my money back," Nathan Coryell said.

The tour guide held up her hands with the palms out. "I understand your disappointment, Mister Coryell, but I would point that what you're experiencing is normal."

The tour guide clasped her hands together as she glanced over at the other members of the tour group. She faced them to address their murmuring as well. "As we said before the tour, many of our customers have pre-conceived notions about what dinosaurs are going to be like. Most of those notions are based on movies and TV shows that were made before the invention of time travel."

Nathan glared through the branches of the trees at the creature in the clearing before him. "I want my money back."

The tour guide deepened her frown. "And I would also add that many of the dinosaurs we encounter in our time tours have never been observed in detail by biologists, so we often have no idea what behavior they'll exhibit before we visit them. And the release form clearly states that Chrono-Tours does not make any claims nor are we responsible for any confusion or disappointment you may experience."

"I want my money back," Nathan repeated.

He continued to glare at the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it bowed its head. The T-Rex plucked up another mouthful of grass and chewed contentedly.

A chirping bird caused the T-Rex to suddenly jump, change the color of its feathers from brown to red, and scurry off into the bushes while trumpeting with its long trunk.

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