Sunday, January 29, 2017 is Dead

In case you haven't noticed, my URL is dead. I can't really explain why, except when it came time to renew it, I asked myself, "What's the point?" It was originally there to make it easier for people to find me, but all I ever put on it was a link to this blog and my page on Amazon. It didn't seem worth spending time and money on that. I might renew the URL (if someone doesn't start squatting on it) or a different URL in the future with more content, but for now, please update your bookmarks accordingly to

But in case you're wondering, I'm not gone for good, and I'm still writing. In fact, I already have some books that are finished, but am just working on the rest of it like covers and promotion and so forth. Hopefully, I'll have more in the coming months.

"My name is Timothy McGill, and I'm a time travel addict..." Time Junkie, only 99-cents for a limited time!

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