Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Preorder My Next Novel, "Seizure" For Only 99 Cents!

As I said in my last post, I'll be releasing my next thriller Seizure on February 15, 2015. New info, I'm going to be trying out the new pre-order feature on Amazon for it. Right now, you can order it for only 99 cents. Once it's released, the price will go up to $2.99, so this is a good chance to get it at a reduced price.

Here's the description:
When Kent Reynolds' closest friend dies of a fatal seizure, he thinks it's just another tragedy in his life, like the death of his wife years earlier. But as more people die the same way, he uncovers a horrifying conspiracy. Someone has found a way to make computers trigger lethal seizures in anyone who uses them. And it's spreading around the world. Kent must race to find the truth behind the murders and stop them before the Internet becomes a weapon to wipe out Mankind.
Click here to pre-order Seizure for 99 cents today!

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