Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: "Six Guns of Madness"

It's finally here! Check out the new cover for my novella, Six Guns of Madness.

Here's the description:
Something evil will be unleashed in the Old West.

 Dylan Blaine and his gunfighters have seen a lot on their journey through the West, but they face a new danger. The town of Blackwood is being terrorized by the Darke Boys, a gang armed with bizarre and exotic weapons. They want an Aztec scroll guarded by an eccentric inventor, the key to awakening an ancient evil. Blaine must take up conventional and steam-powered weapons to stop a nightmare from rising out of the desert.

 It's Western. It's steampunk. It's Lovecraftian horror. It's a pulse pounding adventure unlike anything you've read before.
You can check it out at the Amazon Kindle store. Also, stay tuned for an announcement on my next anthology of short stories.

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