Saturday, October 26, 2013

100-Word Sci-Fi: "Timeball"

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Every Saturday, I post a 100-word sci-fi story based on a random word. Today's word is "stadium."

By Nigel G. Mitchell

 Welcome back to the Timeball Championships between the Saturn Timberwolves and the Europa Supernovas. It's late in the second half. Saturn has the ball, and here's the kick...

And the kick is in the vortex! It's good! The referees are checking the time jump...

The ball is in the thirteenth century! I repeat, it's in the thirteenth century! Six points for the Timberwolves!

The ballbot is going back in time to retrieve the ball. Looks like a medieval knight's gotten a hold of the ball, but the ballbot has stunned him and is taking the ball back to our time.
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