Friday, April 19, 2013

100-Word Scifi: "Arrow"

Every Friday, I write a 100-word story based on a random word. This week's word is "arrow."

by Nigel G. Mitchell

Sergeant Ernie Rohr huddled behind the smoking tank as more lasers flew over his head. "Our guns and bombs don't even scratch that thing!"

Private Tanya Neubauer smiled. "We just need a little more precision."

Neubauer stood up to face the massive saucer hovering over the battlefield. She ignored the laser blasts flying around her. She notched her arrow into her bow and sighted down its length. When she had the small red circle on the saucer's underside in her sights, she let go.

The arrow hit the circle dead-center.

The saucer exploded in a plume of smoke and fire.

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  1. She showed him! Doesn't take massive firepower, just a direct hit.
    And just saw Oblivion - really good! Some excellent twists.

  2. What fun! It's like a super quick version of Independence Day! Now all Tanya has to do is radio news of the secret weapon -- the arrow -- to all the resistance fighters around the world.
    Thanks for making me smile! :-)

  3. Katniss in SPACE!! Seriously though, well done. Ain't easy packing so much into a drabble.


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