Friday, April 26, 2013

100-Word Scifi: "Fireman"

Every Friday, I write a 100-word story based on a random word. This week's word is "fireman." (P.S. It shall be henceforth be christened "100-Word Scifi" instead of "Flash Friday." So say we all.)

By Nigel G. Mitchell

Dedicated to Ray Bradbury

Fireman Brent Drummond kicked down the front door to face a house of screaming children and a terrified woman.

"Stand back," Drummond yelled.

The family rushed away as Drummond poured gasoline from one hose onto the box, and triggered it with a spark. Flames engulfed the box for a few seconds before Drummond poured water from another hose onto the flames.

Drummond turned away from the smoking box to glare at the woman. "You know television is illegal. Try this instead."

He tossed copies of Fahrenheit 451 to the children. As he left, the children began flipping through the pages.

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