Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bizarre Books: "The Pop Up Book of Phobias"

This book by Gary Greenberg and Matthew Reinhart is a work of demented genius. It's exactly what it says on the tin: a pop-up book, where every page not only describes a phobia, but jumps out to put you into your greatest fear. Afraid of clowns? Open the page and watch two hideous clowns with moving eyes and smiles offer you a lollipop. Afraid of heights? Open the page and watch a building rooftop unfold so you can look down at the street far below. The best part is almost everyone is going to be afraid of something in this book. My brother Maurice had a copy, and used to have endless fun showing it to people and watching their delight turn to horror as they reach the page of their particular phobia. For me, the page on the fear of spiders was unseeable. Check out this video and see what it was like to scroll through the pages.


 Or you can check out this album of still shots to get a better look at them.
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