Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Free Story: "Time Junkie" Series

One of the benefits of Wattpad is that I finally have a place to put all the stories I've been working on. Like "Time Junkie ." I really do want to finish this someday, but having ADD means I have a thousand little bits of stories like this floating around. So go ahead and check out the first two chapters for free.

Here's the description:
"My name is Jonathan McGill, and I'm a time travel addict." From the moment he first tried the drug krono, which sends you back in time while you trip out, he began a downward spiral into crime and corruption, all while living through the moments that led to his addiction."
Oh, and The Girl Who Played With the Dragon Tattoo's Nest is now up to chapter six. And I'm definitely gonna finish that.

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