Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Links for Readers and Writers, including 30th Neuromancer Anniversary

Baby Got Books! (via Reddit)
1. 30 Years of William Gibson's Neuromancer - A retrospective on the highly influential cyberpunk novel. (via Kirkus)

2. Writing Emotion: Does Your Hero Shrug, Smile & Frown Too Much? - Writers tend to fall back on some obvious character tags like smiling and frowning. I'm guilty, too. (via Writers Helping Writers)

3. Rise Up from Science Fiction Monoculture! - There tends to be a certain stereotype of militaristic science fiction, but this article goes over some books that broke the mold (via The Tyee)

4. Amazon launches Netflix-like service for books - Amazon proves that Netflix-style book reading is the future with Kindle Unlimited. (via TIME)

5. Street Teams: The Fraudster-author's Indie Publishing Secret Weapon - I've seen other authors using "street teams" and never thought much of it, but this author has a serious beef with the ethical implications of them. (via Witch Rants)

6. Amazon's 10 Best Books for Children - There are some classics on this list. (Via Huffington Post)

7. My Advice to Aspiring Authors - You've probably seen advice successful authors give to new authors, but you've never seen frank and realistic advice like this. (via Hugh Howey)

8. Personality Tests for Your Characters - I don't care for personality tests, but Psychology Today has found a use for them: fleshing out your characters. (via Psychology Today)

9. 21 Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever - Hitchhiker's Guide is number one, so you know I love this list. (via io9)

10. Love knows no color: Interracial romance novels find growing audience and acceptance - I don't read romance, but diversity in any genre is a good thing (via TIME)

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