Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Q&A: What Inspires You to Write?

I'd like to hear the answer to this question: what inspires you to write?

My answer is that I write because I have ideas for stories that I'd like to read. No one else is writing them, so I write them myself. My Sliders fan fiction started because I had ideas for stories the show wouldn't or couldn't do. Really Wild Things came out of my regret that Douglas Adams died without producing one more Guide book. I wished I could get another. When I get an idea for a story, sometimes I get excited just at the thought of reading it. When I came up with Six Guns of Madness, I thought how cool it would be to see cowboys facing a gigantic Lovecraftian monster. That one image drove me to write the entire novella to get to that moment. Along the way, I got to put in some steampunk, a genre I always wanted to write in. I like to see my ideas become real, and I want to share them with others.

How about you?

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