Friday, May 16, 2014

8 Easy Tools to Reach Your Fullest Writing Potential

There's a lot of information out there on improving your writing, but I had no idea so many tools existed to automate the process. Today's guest post from freelance writer Robert Morris runs over eight of the best.

Top Tools to Reach Your Fullest Writing Potential
Whether you are a professional writer or a beginner, you can always use writing tools that will turn you into a more effective, faster, and more refined writer. Writing is a fundamental skill for everyone who wants to become a successful professional, regardless of the career path they choose.

As one of the most important skills we learn in life, written expression is quite difficult to master. The way readers perceive your content is rather subjective, and you cannot satisfy all tastes no matter how hard you try.

There is no need to despair and give up on the goal of becoming a better writer. There are great online tools that will help you develop this skill and reach your fullest potential. Try out the following resources and you will surely find the right tool that will save you from frustrations and make you a more effective writer:
Every blog post, article, or even academic text becomes more captivating when you insert the right image. This photography-related website features high-resolution stock photos that are completely free of charge. Of course, you will need to provide proper credits to the artist whenever you use an image from this site.
Maybe you’ve read a great article in a newspaper or an online site, but you cannot remember its name? This tool will help you locate the source.
3. NinjaEssays
Automated editing tools cannot replace a real editor, but professional editing can be quite expensive. NinjaEssays makes expert editing services accessible for everyone. At this website, you can get all types of texts edited by a professional editor for a cheap price, and bring their quality to a higher level.
4. Creativity Portal Prompts
There is nothing strange about not having ideas; you just have to find a way out of that state, and Creativity Portal Prompts will help you get out of the writer’s block. You can use this tool to find inspiring questions, picture prompts, and topic starters that will spark your creative thought.
5. Autocrit
If you were looking for a tool that will identify the structures and words that make your writing less convincing, then you should check out Autocrit. This concept works like the instant book editor you always wanted to have.
6. Writing Room
What could be more inspiring than the support from your fellow writers? The community at Writing Room will provide you with expert advice, motivational boost, and great writing guides that will make you a more confident writer.
7. Acronym Finder
Using acronyms can make you look smart, but can also go the other way if you make a mistake. With the help of Acronym Finder, you can always make sure you’re using the right initialisms, abbreviations, and acronyms. This database is a source of over a million human-edited definitions.
8. Word Count Tool
This tool will count the number of words you type into the document, but will also indicate how many times you have used a specific word. It’s always difficult for a writer to get rid of a word they are stuck to, but when you realize how commonly you are using your favorite phrases, you will easily understand that you need to start adding some variety to your work.

Start improving your writing skills today!

With the help of the right tools, you can elevate your style from the class of Average Joe and make your expression more recognizable and memorable. The above-mentioned tools are helpful for everyone who writes on regular basis, as well as those who want to master the skills of writing with the first piece they start working on.    

Robert Morris is an educator and freelance writer, you can find him on Google+

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