Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Apples And Bumblebees, Eco-ABC’S" - Discover Authors

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By Nadia Riell

Genre: Children, Picture book, Environment

Apples and Bumblebees Eco-ABC’s- is an environmentally themed children’s ABC ebook with wonderful photography from around the world!

Apples and Bumble Bees helps reinforce alphabet learning, while also giving children a fun way to learn about our world. Beautiful photography helps illustrate each story, for reading that can be enjoyed many times over.

This book is Always Free on Smashwords!

Reader review for Apples and Bumblebees, Eco-Abc’s
“I downloaded your ebook, and I really loved the positive feeling that I got while reading the lines you attached to each image. Continue what you’re doing. Hope you get more ebooks like this one in the future.”

About Nadia Riell

Nadia Riell’s life as a mom is the highlight of her enjoyment of children and commitment to the art of parenting. She’s worked with children in education and as a volunteer with various programs for over twelve years.

Nadia also loves discussing the plot of a great film, as much as discussing Sam eating green eggs and ham. This interest has led her through a career as a film and media stylist, working for studios such as Disney and DreamWorks.

Now combining her interests and love of stories into writing; inspiring forces in Nadia’s life include children, nature, nurturing, relationships, books, movies, and still on occasion, the perfect, red lipstick. She lives with her family in Washington State where they spend time enjoying the beach, the outdoors, and good stories.

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