Friday, March 7, 2014

10 Interesting Links for Readers and Writers 3/7/14

Every week, I browse the web for interesting stuff related to reading and writing. Here are ten I've found:

1. Writing Awesome Sales Copy - Writing a cool blurb for your book (via Epublishunum)
2. Character Brainstorming Worksheet - This is a very useful questionnaire to answer to help flesh out your characters. (Via Martina Boone)
3. Now Anyone Can Use Getty Stock Photos for Free - If you run a blog and search for good photos, this is big news. Getty is one of the biggest stock photo sites and charged high fees to use them legally, but now they allow you to embed their photos free! (via Mashable)
4. How To Write And Sell Books - Now that you've written your book, how do you market it? Indie author bestsellers Hugh Howey, Liliana Hart, and Matthew Mather weigh in. (via Karen Woodward)
5. Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings Report is Going to Cut the Anti-Self Publishing Crowd at the Knees - Howey created a comprehensive report on how much indie authors earn, and it's shocked the industry. (via The Digital Reader)
6. Two Ways That Flash Fiction Can Make You a Better Writer - I can vouch for this with my 100-word sci-fi stories. (Via Nat Russo)
7. Is eBook Distribution Enough? - I haven't made hard copies of my books yet, but this breaks down why you should (via BookBaby)
8. Seuss Sales Double Thanks to Reading Initiative - The top ten lists are in a jam, Seuss' birthday boosted sales of Green Eggs and Ham. (via Publishers Weekly)
9. This Popular Grammar Advice Is Totally Wrong - An article in defense of adverbs (via The Huffington Post)
10. 10 Tips on How to Write an Author Bio - I need to rewrite mine (via The Huffington Post)

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