Sunday, February 9, 2014

100-Word Sci-Fi: "Pleasure Cruise"

Every week, I write a hundred-word sci-fi story inspired by a random word.  Today's word is "yacht."
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Pleasure Cruise 
By Nigel G. Mitchell

Fauntleroy Pierce III scowled at Captain Ronald Wright as another wave crashed over the bow. "I don't care what silly superstitions you're laboring under. I promised my friends an adventure. This yacht's going into the Bermuda Triangle."

Captain Wright tugged a life vest over his shoulders. "Not with me you're not." 

The captain leaped over the side, and disappeared into the raging storm.

Fauntleroy took the wheel and snorted to himself. "Idiot."

He and his friends screamed as an enormous green serpent burst from the ocean. Its huge mouth swallowed the yacht whole as it sank below the waves again.

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