Sunday, February 16, 2014

100-Word Sci-Fi: "Contains No Juice"

Every week, I write a hundred-word story inspired by a random word. Today's word is "fruit."

Contains No Juice
By Nigel G. Mitchell

 When people started dropping dead, no one knew why. Reports came from orchards, grocery stores, kitchens, and restaurants. The government called them terrorist attacks, but the fact they occurred all over the world changed their mind.

Eventually, we realized everywhere someone died, fruit had been nearby. It didn't matter if it was a banana or an apple or a kiwi. Scientists analyzing random pieces of fruit discovered they gave off an odorless, colorless lethal gas. Some blamed pesticides, others genetic engineering. In the end, all fruit was banned, replaced by artificial flavoring.

Within a generation, no one really missed them.

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