Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Useful Links for Readers and Writers 12/6/13

Bookmarks for every death in Game of Thrones, Source: Wired
Here are ten links that I found this week that I think readers and writers will find useful and interesting.

1. Why I Won't Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Jenni Wiltz has some good points about why Hunger Games (the movie and novel) doesn't really work.

2. Writing a Victorian novel? Here's a generator that will create some Dickensian-type names

3. Saudi government bans Arabic SF novel HWJN, raids bookstores - via BoingBoing

4. 40 Book promoting Sites by epublishabook (Part 4!)

5. Fiction Character Worksheet by Martina Boone. An excellent form to fill out to help flesh out your characters.

6. 5 Excellent Writing Tips by Paul Harding, via Publishers Weekly. For example, "Don’t write your books for people who won’t like them."

7. The Zings and Arrows of Dave Eggers' The Circle - The Atlantic breaks down why Dave Eggers' novel skewering social networking is unrealistic.

8. Infographic on Publishing in the Digital Era by Visual Loop

9. Reading Pride and Prejudice for My Mother - A moving story about Jane Austen and family by Huffington Post Books

10. More Girls Target Archery, Inspired By 'The Hunger Games' by NPR

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