Sunday, November 24, 2013

100-Word Sci-Fi: "Speech Therapy"

Every week, I write a 100-Word Sci-Fi story based on a random word. This week's word is "audience."
Speech Therapy
By Nigel G. Mitchell

With his speech ended, President Dorian White stepped away from the podium, waving to the holographic audience from across the stars.

Doctor Alan Spears joined the rest of the crew applauding as the president approached him. "Well done, Mister President."

White clapped his hands on the doctor’s shoulders. "I owe it all to you, Spears."

"Not at all. You exceeded all my techniques and training. Considering you seemed so nervous up to right before the speech, I must ask. How did you overcome your fear of public speaking?"

White grinned. "Simple, doctor. I just imagined everyone in the Galaxy naked."

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