Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Sliders Fanfiction

The original Sliders. From left to right:
Wade Welles, Rembrandt Brown,
Professor Arturo and Quinn Mallory
My favorite TV show of all time, more than Star Trek, more than Doctor Who, is Sliders. It was a nineties TV show about four people forced to travel (slide) into parallel worlds. Each episode, the Sliders found themselves in alternate versions of Earth. Back in the nineties, much of my free time was spent online with other fans of the show, dissecting every episode, complaining about the cast changes and time slots, and imagining future storylines. I had autographed photos of the whole cast, and even ran the first (and ultimately only) online Sliders convention.

One of my biggest contributions was my Sliders fanfiction, pretty much the only fanfiction I ever wrote except for my Douglas Adams novel, Really Wild Things. My Sliders fanfic was very popular, and I appreciated being able to share my writing with others when my regular writing was going nowhere. Most of my stories were archived on the Sliders Fanfiction mailing list.

Over the years since the show's cancellation, I lost track of the fan community. I discovered in 2011 that the Sliders community is still alive and active, but that most of the fanfiction archives no longer exist. In tapping into the Sliders BB forum, I discovered some people wanted access to my old stories. I still have them, so I'll be archiving them here.

It will take a while, to be honest. I need to clean up the typos and formatting issues with the old text. I've also learned a lot about writing since then, so I want to flesh out the stories more. Think of it as a “director’s cut.”

All for One
The Sliders face a tough decision when Quinn discovers a way home, but only one of them can use it. (via Scribd)

The Sliders leave a world that's just caught a vicious serial killer to a world where the killer is still on the loose. Wade tries to use her knowledge from the last world to catch the killer, but is the killer really the same? (via Scribd)

Election Night
On the eve of the 1996 election, the Sliders reflect on some of the things that might have changed back home. (via

Keep on Trekkin'
In a world where everyone is a hardcore Trekker, Quinn and Arturo get arrested for blasphemy. (This world is based on Star Trek, but this story is not a crossover. In this world, Star Trek is just a TV show. (via

When the Sliders slide into the center of a government conspiracy, they get a little help from Agents Mulder and Scully of the X-Files Division.(via Scribd)

I'll be updating this page regularly as new stories are added. Stories yet to be added...
Double Trouble
Full Moon
Have A Nice Day
High Society
I'm Listening
No Smoking
Reverse Psychology
Slide Rulers
Summer's End
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