Friday, August 2, 2013

If Ben and Jerry Made Flavors Inspired by Famous Books

Ben and Jerry's is an eclectic ice cream company that's made a name for itself with pun titled ice cream flavors. They've made flavors based on celebrities like Stephen Colbert, pop culture references like Schweddy Balls, and movie characters like Neapolitan Dynamite. One thing they haven't tackled is books. To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Quirkbooks created these fictional ice cream flavors
Berry Potter and the Container of Secrets: Muggles rejoice!  Inside this container you'll find a magical blend of butter beer, Bertie Bott's Strawberry Flavour Beans and chocolate frogs.  No need to employ the Dark Arts.

A Clockwork Orange Creamsicle: A concoction made with milk-plus direct from Korova so disturbingly delicious you won't have to force it down!
Oliver Twist: Indulge in this mix of rich dark chocolate and simple vanilla flavors with a smattering of English Toffee.  Eat sparingly, for a combination like this begs you to ask "Please, sir, I want some more."

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish:  Make a wish, look inside your dish / Inside your dish, there's candy fish / Candy fish in chocolatey goo / Inside the goo are marshmallows too / All this combines for the perfect snacks / The perfect snacks to share with a Zax
War and Peach: An ambitious, sweeping, and impeccably detailed frozen treat of truly epic proportions, with so many ingredients that you'll forget most of them existed by the time you're halfway through your cone. Not easy to get through without a headache, but if you make it, you can brag about finishing it for the rest of your life.
Whirled War Z: Nothing is off-limits during the impending zombie apocalypse. Gummy worms crawl through a swirl of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Beware of the random splattering of cherries. You'll want to stockpile these rations when the uprising occurs.

Would you eat any of these flavors? What other book related flavors would you eat?

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