Sunday, July 28, 2013

100-Word Scifi: "C is For Carnage"

Every week, I write a 100-word story based on a random word. This week's random word is "cookies..."

C is For Carnage
By Nigel G. Mitchell

Detective Roselle surveyed the carnage in the restaurant, the worst he had ever seen.

 His partner Cable came back in, wiping his mouth, and looking a little green. “All the witnesses have the same story. The creature broke in and started out eating all the desserts. Then it accidentally caught one of the waiter's fingers. After that, it started eating everyone in the restaurant.”

 Roselle nodded. “It's got a taste for human flesh. We're gonna have to take it down. Got a description?” 

“The creature is described as blue with wobbly eyes, and made a sound like, 'Om nom nom.'”

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