Monday, April 15, 2013

Get a Preview of My Next Novel, "Operation: Masquerade"

Right now, I'm going through a final edit on my next novel for release, Operation: Masquerade. It's a sci-fi adventure about a secret agent who disguises himself as an alien to infiltrate an enemy warship and steal their technology. At the same time, the agent's wife races to stop a conspiracy working to kill him on his return. 

Recently, I discovered Wattpad, a combination publishing platform and social networking site. So I've decided to try something different: as I edit chapters of Operation: Masquerade, I'll be uploading them to Wattpad. If you have suggestions, corrections, or comments, feel free to leave them on Wattpad and I'll make needed changes in the process. I think it's win-win; you get to read my novel for free, and I get help beta-reading and editing the novel. Once the novel is complete, I'll be removing it from Wattpad and putting it for sale, so act now! Check it out at:

NOTE: Both the title and cover art are temporary and subject to change
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