Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Ultimate List of Rejected "Machine of Death" Stories [Short]

Last year, I wrote a story for the second volume of the sci-fi anthology, Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die. If you're not familiar with it, Machine of Death is a collection of short stories about a machine that takes a drop of blood, and prints out a card with a phrase that tells you exactly how you will die. It doesn't say where or when, and sometimes the card is so vague that you don't even know what it means, but it's never wrong. The title of every story is taken from a machine of death card. You can read the original collection for free on the website.

I wrote a story called "ALIEN ABDUCTION." While they didn't accept it, I thought the story turned out pretty well, so I put it on my blog. Since they said they had over 2000 entries, and only accepted 30, I figured there might be others who put their stories online - I was right. I've decided to dedicate this page to all those writers who put hard work into their stories that deserve to be read. Think of it as an unofficial new anthology of Machine of Death.

So far, the list is:
If you have an unpublished Machine of Death story, let me know in the comments, and I'll add it. 


  1. Sorry your story didn't make the cut.
    The premise for Machine of Death reminds me a little of the movie Wanted.

    1. In the sense that it's about something that predicts the future, yes

  2. You should make a spin-off book. Would that be legal?

    1. Probably not. At the very least, it would be frowned upon


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