Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Reasons Why the PS4 Should Support eBooks

Sony recently unveiled details on their next new video game console, the Playstation 4. While a lot of details are sketchy, I'm personally hoping that one of the new features will be support of ebooks. Just like most of today's game consoles allow you to buy and rent movies and TV shows, I think the PS4, XBox 720 and other next-generation consoles should include the ability to buy and borrow ebooks. Here are five reasons why.

1. Video Gamers are also Readers - While some people think that video game players are idiots who spend all their time bashing buttons with their thumbs, many of them are quite well-read and intelligent. Proof of that is the thriving market for video game tie-in novels. These novels expand and delve deeper into the storylines of our favorite games. There are also strategy guides that many gamers depend on to help them through tough games. That makes combining video games and books a perfect combination.
2. It Will Bring New Readers - There are a lot of kids out there who play video games, but who may not pick up a book. They might be enticed by the option to try reading ebooks on their console. Then the console could serve as a gateway to a lifelong love of reading.
3. Improve Readability for eBooks - While some might balk at the idea of trying to read a book on a huge big-screen TV, some would welcome it. Those with vision problems might find even the Kindle or iPad with its adjustable fonts too small. Those would welcome being able to read their favorite books on a big screen.
4. eBooks Would Add Revenue - The ebook market would add another stream of revenue for video game console manufacturers, just like movies and TV shows added more profit. The integration of books and video games would lead to a whole new experience. You could be playing a game and struggling, and an ad pops up for the strategy guide. You could buy and read it right then and there. Or say an ad popped up for the latest novel based on the game.
5. Expand the Market for Authors and Publishers - Right now, you can read ebooks on your tablet, smartphone, ereader, and PC. If we add video game consoles, that gives ebooks one more platform to penetrate. More platforms mean more readers, and more readers mean more places for authors and publishers to reach.

What do you think? Should ebooks stay on or off of video game consoles? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Books on television. That sounds really hard to read, but it's a new market. You make good points.

  2. Good argument. The X-Box should do the same.

  3. Great idea! Have you been following Foyles and the Bookseller's Futurebook debates? Throw this into the mix with them! #futurebook on Twitter.


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