Sunday, July 8, 2018

Wendy's Released a Trashy Romance Novella About Fruit Tea

I want to make absolutely clear that this is not an endorsement of Wendy's or its products. I'm sure Wendy's Berry Cherry Fruit Tea is very nice, but I think iced tea is disgusting, so I haven't and never would drink it.

Fast food companies have a lot of competition and have to promote their products in different ways, so they've done some pretty crazy schemes. The annals of advertising are littered with wild campaigns like  Wendy's "Where's the Beef" to Burger King's Coq Roq website, but Wendy's has done something I can get behind. They released a trashy romance novella on Wattpad called The Forbidden Fruit Tea. It's a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a cup of Wendy's Berry Cherry Fruit tea. Here's the description:

Courtney Craig is done with dating. Done, that is, until she goes on a weekend trip to Tampa and meets the love of her life. Unfortunately for her, the love of her life is also the love of someone else's life... her old roommate's sister's ex-boyfriend Jean-Paul. Drama ensues when both Courtney and Jean-Paul vie for the affection of their one true love... Wendy's Berry Cherry Fruit Tea.
I wish more companies would promote their products with silly but surprisingly well-written stories.

More aliens and planets lie ahead as the journey continues in Heart of the Nexus, part two of the Nexus Trilogy!!

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